Håkon´s keynotes and workshops

My workshops are designed to help you gain valuable insights on how to communicate the value of your offer efficiently and effectively.

Workshops can accommodate anywhere from 5 – 30 people.

Far from just theory, a workshop with me is highly interactive, engaging, and all about application. Length is variable and the focus of each workshop is highly customizable to your needs.

Some common topics include:

How To Captivate Your Audience

Keynote and Workshop

Discover how to liberate your audience from distraction and appropriate their attention in 20 seconds or less.

Q&A Sessions

Keynote and Workshop

Learn how to be dynamic and engaging without appearing uptight, defensive, or uncomfortable when administering a Q&A session.

My 7-Step Process To Creating A Stellar Sales Presentation

Keynote and Workshop

Rely on a powerful and proven step-by-step method to creating a stellar sales presentation.

Elevator Pitch 101

Keynote and Workshop

Learn the keys to crafting a compelling and unforgettable 15-90 second elevator pitch.

Investor Pitching In 3 Minutes

Keynote and Workshop

Learn how to leverage economy of speech to deliver the perfect pitch that gives investors everything they need to hear without wasting a single word.

Your Value Proposition

Keynote and Workshop

Learn how to communicate the value of your idea and why anyone should care in one powerful, and memorable sentence.